Osnovna sola dr. Ljudevita Pivka - Slovenia

Elementary school Dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj carries out the educational process for children with mental disabilities.

Personalized training program with lower educational standards from 1st grade to 9th. This program includes children with mild mental disabilities.
The special educational program from 1st grade to 6th where children are included with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities.


Elementary school with lower educational standard (OŠ PP NIS)
Departments for education and training (OVI)
Specialized mobile pedagogical service (MSP)
Department of after-school care (OPB)


All professional staff of the school are (special education teachers, social worker, psychologist, speech therapists, sports teachers, occupational therapist) qualified in implementing modern methods, active-participative and use various tools to achieve development objectives students including promoting and fostering communication, feelings. Our teachers are highly motivated to further their education in other, functional skills in particular areas of work for persons with disabilities.

Istituto Comprensivo Giuliano Giorgi - Italy

Our Comprehensive school “Giuliano Giorgi” is situated in 4 small country villages near Rome and it is formed by Infant schools, Primary schools and Junior Secondary schools. The number of learners is 470 and that of staff is 82. Because of the low social-cultural level of the area, on one side, and the never ending arrival of foreign immigrants from Rome, on the other, our school has always been an important “landmark” for young and adult learners.

The areas of specific expertise of our school are related first to an inclusion policy, as the school adopts a designed protocol to deal with special educational needs and the increasing high level of competences for teachers and students. According to the National System, schools use an evaluation system for themselves and for the students. The one for students (INVALSI) is applied to test their literacy and numeracy skills. The one for schools is a self-evaluation (RAV) through which they have to monitor their strengths and weaknesses and sort out solutions and make projects accordingly. Particular attention, detailed information and instructions about special needs have been in the curriculum of our school for years. Projects about special needs realized in our school in the last four years are:

Job Shadowing: About the Italian inclusive didactics shown and explained to foreign partner teachers
Strong Immigration Process: For foreign students of our institute in order to develop skills in active citizenship
Unplugged Project: Realized in the secondary school in order to reinforce life skills
Projects concerning the professional training of teachers about new methodologies: cooperative learning.
Erasmus+KA1: Integrating the Children of Migrants and Refugees into European School (the course was organized in Chelmsford, UK)

Special Primary School no.40 - Poland

Special Primary School no. 40 in Bytom is an institution for children with special educational needs, ranging from mild, moderate developmental disabilities. It consists of primary and lower secondary school. Apart from the mental disorders, the pupils have emotional and behavioral disabilities; they are at risk of exclusion and demoralization.

There are also students with Autism Syndrome. There are 150 students, aged 6–20 working with special educational teachers, psychologists, therapists, physical therapists. The school is situated in the city with a high indicator of unemployment, the social – economical degradation due to the fact of the permanent changes in the local economy. The majority of pupils at school come from the socio - economically disadvantages areas, the families at risk of social pathology. There are lots of social orphans who live at the local children’s homes.

TSCV Metin Sabanci Ozel Egitim Okullari (TSCV Metin Sabanci Special Education Schools) - Turkey

Metin Sabancı Special Education School was established at 2011 in order to inclusion of children with special needs Elementary School for Children with Mild Level Mentally Retardation has begun to service within M.S.S. In addition to Elementary School for Children with mild mentally retardation, the school also has an Application Center for children with medium/severe mentally retardation with elementary and middle schools. Our school is designed to serve a total of 20 classes and 134 students. 2018 - 2019 academic year, a total of 11 classes and 74 students in our school were provided with education services.

There is a kitchen workshop, an application house, a market workshop, a music class room, a technology-supported training room, guidance rooms, a gym, a sensory integration room, a library and a dining hall. In each class, there is one teacher for mentally disabled, one master instructor, one intern and one caregiver outside the classroom. The main item of our education system is having a multidisciplinary approach within the crew. This approach includes; IEP, physiotherapy, measurement and evaluations, branch lessons and counseling services. In order to provide quality service to 74 students; school principal, deputy directors, classroom teachers, student counselor teachers, branch teachers (sports and music teacher), physiotherapists, master instructors, caregivers, cleaning staff and nurse total of 45 staff are providing services.

The most important thing for us is the happiness and wellness of our students. We mostly focus on supporting language and motor development and supporting them in social, emotional, sensory and cognitive areas. We provide academic and independent life skills for students in order to adapt them into the social life.

Purpose of Primary Special Education School for Children with Mild Mental Retardation is gaining cognitive skills such as reading-writing and basic mathematics skills. Thus, our students will include students in mainstreaming education.
Purpose of Primary & Elementary Special Education School for Children with Moderate/Severe Mental Retardation is ensuring integration with society and making them being aware of themselves and what they can do in daily life.

Osnovna skola Otona Ivekovica - Croatia

Osnovna škola Otona Ivekovića is a public primary school and it celebrates 50th anniversary this year. There are 60 employees and about 470 pupils. Grades 1 to 4 are taught by primary education teachers (Croatian, Maths, Science, Art, Music, P.E), and subject teachers for English and Religion. In grades 5 to 8 all the subjects are taught by subject teachers. A high portion of our pupils attend the non-compulsory classes of German, Religion and ICT. Our pupils come from different social backgrounds and a number of pupils come from difficult circumstances. There are great numbers of extra-curricular activities offered to our pupils, allowing them to pursue their personal interests. During the weekend there are organized sports activities. ICT education level of teachers in our school vary, we have e-diary, computer and projector in each classroom, 2 smart boards and one ICT classroom.

The school had opportunity to organize events such as visit of Japanese prince or hosting of pupils’ co-ops county fairs. We have participated in IPA project IC skills for successful and creative future 2013 and E+ project Values, the Essence of an Active Citizen 2015. Now we are beneficiary of the project Together with topic of saving energy, Erasmus plus projects “I.D.E.A: Together We Can!” and Erasmus+ project “Swot Scouts”. We have eTwinning national prize Comet for 2016 and we are awarded with eTwinning school status for year 2019/20. Especially young generation of teachers are very motivated for new projects, they want to learn and implement changes in everyday school life.

There are about 30 pupils with special needs integrated in the regular coursework, some having assistants. We plan to improve educational level of teachers in this field. Exchange of good practises in this project contributes to this need.

Agrupamento de Escolas de Aver-o-Mar, Póvoa de Varzim- PORTUGAL

Aver-O-Mar School is an Elementary (grade 2) and Middle School in Póvoa de Varzim, in the Northwest coast of Portugal. It is comprised in a group of schools called Agrupamento de Escolas Aver-O-Mar which also includes Preschool and Elementary (grade 1) Education schools. There are around 120 teachers – including specialized SEN teachers - Psychologist, Social Service Technician and Librarian Teachers working with around 1250 students enrolled. All schools in the Aver-O-Mar grouping have SEN students who according to their level of disability, benefit from classroom monitoring by special education teacher, individualized program support measures (at the level of evaluation, content reorganization/prioritization, tutorial support, etc.) or even Modified or Individualized Programs (additional measures), created by a skilled team in the observance of parent’s tuition. Students are included in regular classes of different subjects and severe SEN are assisted by auxiliary staff members who help them perform the tasks.

Portugal has been promoting a national protocol of inclusion, both for SEN students and migrants, within its comprehensive education system, fostering teachers’ training and developing programs to stimulate inclusion practices. Within a national and European context favorable to inclusion and cooperation among institutions, our teachers are highly motivated and interested in being involved in wider projects, either to gain experience and training but also to have the opportunity to exchange good practices.

Furthermore, to become pedagogically updated and experienced, to be able to foment the school’s major strategic goals: consolidate, strengthen and improve academic outcomes; intervene to improve student’s academic results; promote self-assessment and decrease levels of misbehavior in the classroom; promote educational success and interaction between school and family / social contexts.

Aver-O-Mar School projects itself in the future as an inclusive, dynamic school, open to change, promoter of a culture of freedom and participation, a school of opportunity for everyone.

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